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 “Profound, inspirational and motivating.

Read: “From Practicing Law to Changing it,” by Dawn Turner Trice (Chicago Tribune, August 1, 2010)

Mr. Sweig has recently been profiled in these Spring 2014 television news reports:

Statehouse Proposal Would Change Probation Rules and Prison Programs Trying to Help Inmates Back Into Society

Michael Sweig speaks in classrooms, colleges and universities, prisons, houses of worship, conferences, and association or trade group venues.

Representative speaking engagements: November 8, 2012: University of San Francisco School of Management. “Community Leadership Demands in Felon Reentry.”

Sweig was the keynote speaker at the 9th Annual Luncheon for the Coalition to Reduce Recidivism, in Waukegan, Illinois, October 12, 2012.

He frequently discusses his unique perspective on restorative justice for community healing as an alternative to traditional punishment: “A White-Collar Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Waste”

“You weaved a persuasive narrative, blending your own experiences moving through the system, creating awareness of how high the current institutional barriers are to successful reintegration, and proposing workable, realistic, and ultimately beneficial solutions to this complex issue.” 

– Clay Fong, Program Manager
City of Boulder Community Mediation Service

Michael also presents on public policy, and legislative or innovative developments in criminal justice.

Professor Michael Sweig, JD

Founder, Citizens’ Institute for Law & Public Policy, formerly The Institute for People with Criminal Records