Pardon advocacy facilitation is one service of the Citizens’ Institute for Law & Public Policy.

We will facilitate your felony pardon request in the state where you were convicted. For Colorado, click here.

A Pardon IS: Public forgiveness for a criminal conviction from your Governor. (We do not handle federal pardons).

A Pardon IS NOT: a right, duty, or privilege, nor is a pardon a possible settlement or offer which could require legal advice from a lawyer as to whether to accept or reject it. No one earns or deserves a pardon. And, a pardon is not a contract. In short, the pardon process and a pardon itself are not proceedings akin to court proceedings or issuance of judgments. The process is administrative

Your Governor Is Not: a court. The standards upon which one seeks forgiveness are based on mercy, humanity, fairness, rehabilitation, reformation of character, and public safety. Your Governor needn’t give any reasons or explanations for his or her decision. It’s entirely discretionary. There is no appeal.

The Pardon Application Process IS: an administrative proceeding conducted entirely within the executive branches of the 50 state governments. You do not need a lawyer to seek a pardon. Some people use lawyers; some don’t.


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