Blueprint for a Perfect Reentry

Changing the Rhetoric of Felony

In 2011, the Citizens’ Institute for Law & Public Policy, formerly the Institute for People with Criminal Records, added the words “Changing the Rhetoric of Felony” to our website’s masthead. Changing the Rhetoric of Felony has become one of our core values.

Among the main endeavors which Citizens” Institute pursues that advance our core value of Changing the Rhetoric of Felony and which are key components of our Blueprint for a Perfect Reentry:

Civic Engagement:

All felons who live in states where felons can vote MUST register to vote, and vote!!


Citizens Institute is also a founder of  our social enterprise, Citizens’ Institute School for People with Criminal Records, through which we focus on development and delivery of first class education resources;

– help to educate and convince employers with blanket felon hiring bans to be open-minded and change that policy; to voluntarily follow EEOC Guidelines, and when felons apply for jobs to consider:

1. The nature and gravity of the offense or offenses;
2. The time that has passed since the conviction and/or completion of the sentence; and
3. The nature of the job held or sought.